Storage, Secure Document Scanning, Destruction

Storage, Secure Document Scanning, Destruction

Technology is advancing rapidly and Kaniklides Records & Information Management is keeping in its stride, compliant with European Regulations and Strict Fire Safely Regulations covering its secure storage facilities.

During the storage process, the boxes are placed on pallets which are nylon wrapped and then are placed on steel custom-made shelves which can only be accessed by our VNA warehouse lifting truck.

Our state-of-the-art warehouse is fully compliant with the Cyprus Fire Department Regulations, and is equipped with:

  • First stage automated fire suppression system with the use of CO2.
  • Second stage automated fire suppression system with the use of water sprinklers.
  • Autonomous water supply of 90 tonnes.
  • Fire Extinguishers and Fire Hoses specifically located for immediate access.

The process of digitisation of records is fully compliant with ISO/ TR 13028 so as to convert your physical documents to electronic format.

Our facilities are designed to accommodate individual project based processes of scanning and indexing conducted in secure access controlled areas. The activity of every document-related process is tracked.

Our procedures provide optimum control which eliminates operational risk. At Kaniklides Records & Information Management we can boast zero mishaps.

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